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What to Expect from Our Refinishing Process
  • A lot of prep work goes into refinishing surfaces professionally. We put up a lot of masking paper, plastic, and tape. Occasionally, the tape can pull paint off the wall. If you have touch-up paint available, we can touch up small places. However, we cannot come back to touch up.
  • We do our best to ventilate fumes and overspray dust outside. We do however, recommend covering furniture directly outside bathrooms and kitchens to help protect surfaces from dust. We also do our best to clean up before we leave. Fumes are NOT harmful, but strong for a couple hours.
  • Occasionally we will have one team come and do prep work and another team come to apply our finish material over the surface. Sometimes there is a gap between the two crews.
  • We do not do any caulking before or after our process. Our finish material is too wet to apply caulk or silicone after we are done and caulking needs to cure 24 hours before it can be painted over.
  • We do NOT remove old caulking. We can try and clean it up as best we can. Due to the risk of damage to a surface, if homeowner desires for caulking to be removed, it must be done prior to our services.
  • FOR BATHTUBS – we do NOT remove fixtures due to potential leaks starting. We do NOT carry plumbing tools or supplies to fix such issues.
  • If you are replacing old fixtures, please have them removed before we start the project.
  • All leaks must be stopped prior to us getting there or water must be shut off for 12 hrs to allow tub to flash for water resistance.
  • FOR TILE WALLS—ALL tiles must be firmly secured to the wall. If you have grout that is missing, cracked or thin, our material does not always fill in those places. We recommend addressing those before we come, or we can offer very simple solutions after we are finished.
  • ALL SURFACES NEED 48 HRS BEFORE USE – Light use is recommended for countertops 48hrs up to a week. Then normal use is fine
What Our Warranty DOES Cover
  • Flaking
  • Peeling
  • Material losing adhesion to surface from normal use (not due to accidental damage)
What Our Warranty DOES Not Cover
  • Chips, nicks, scratches as a result of hard or heavy items being hit against or dropped on the new surface—OUR MATERIAL IS VERY INDUSTRIAL, BUT WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT THE FINISH WILL NOT BE DAMAGED WHEN IT ABSORBS ABUSE.
  • Peeling as a result of bathmats or other non-slip surfaces applied after work is done—WE DO OFFER NON-SLIP SURFACES. CALL FOR DETAILS.
  • Discoloration due to certain lighting, sunlight, or lack of cleaning

Warranty issues and non-warranty issues can be touched up very easily.


Kitchens Cabinets, Countertops, Bathtubs, Bathrooms & Tile

Don’t Replace, Resurface!

Our resurfacing process can make any Kitchen countertop, Kitchen cabinets, backsplash or tile floor, bathroom tub, shower, tile or vanity top… look updated and brand new!

Faux Granite Colors Options

We have over 60 faux Granite finishes that can be put on a counter top, vanity top or tile surface. These finishes have a look and feel of real granite! Each of our finishes requires a three-step process. First we apply the base color, then we add the color flakes, lastly we put a clear sealer over top of the base and color flakes.

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