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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Kitchen cabinets can change the look of any kitchen! Most times people start from scratch and re-construct their kitchen from the ground up. This gives you lots of freedom to design what you want, but it cost lots of money and takes lots of time. For those who do not have that kind of money and time at Resurfacing Solutions we offer a kitchen cabinet refinishing option where we refurbish the cabinets you have! Projects usually take 5-7 days depending on size. It’s around 60% less expensive than replacing cabinets, but once done they will have that brand new modern look and feel!

We use a very high end, industrial grade cabinet paint that will insure the best finish money can buy! We have a variety of colors and different finishes we can use on cabinets. We can offer a distressed look. We can offer a glazed look. We can put pinstripes in the corners of the doors and a variety of solid color options!

Our work is guaranteed! We will make sure the customer is completely satisfied before payment is collected. We also can service refinished cabinets that we have previously done.

Call us today for a FREE in-home consultation! One of our experienced technicians will bring some sample finishes and different colors to look over and to discuss with you how we can give you a refinished custom cabinet look!

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