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End of Summer Savings!

End of Spring and Beginning of Summer SAVINGS!

Combine 2 projects and save $50 on your total bill!

Combine 3 or more and save $100 on your total bill!

(projects must be completed on the same day at same residence for promotional pricing to occur)

Now is the time to update those kitchen counter tops, bathroom vanity tops, tubs, showers and tile! Save BIG when you combine two or three projects! All of our services are completed in one day and cost up to 60% less than tearing out and replacing! With a 5yr guaranteed warranty, how could you put this off any longer! Visit our before and after galleries, read about our warranty and product information, care and maintenance of resurfaced area and FAQs!  Also like our business on Facebook, Resurfacing Solutions, to see more galleries of before and after photos and to follow our weekly transformations taking place!  Call today to schedule a FREE in home consultation! Don’t Replace, RESURFACE! 865-245-5699

Bathtubs - $395  

Standard Tub/Shower stalls - $475  

- Garden tubs, Jacuzzi tubs, fully enclosed shower stalls, tubs with tile walls and other                         specialty tub or showers may be subject to a higher cost

Kitchen Counter tops - $550 (35 sq ft and under - See pricing below)

Bathroom Vanity tops - $195 

Ceramic, porcelain or any kind of tile - $8 per sq ft  (minimum $325)

(Standard pricing applies with just one project only)

Regular Pricing!

Bathtubs – $395
Bath/Shower Stalls – $475
Vanity Tops – $195 (up to 5ft) 
Price does NOT include any moderate to heavy damage that needs repaired before resurfacing – Solid color only on tubs/showers – Multi-stone color of your choice or solid color on vanities—Jacuzzi tubs, Antique tubs and Tubs with tiled wall surrounds are an extra charge.

Kitchen counter tops 

Tier 1 pricing:
            $425 - 20sq ft and under
Tier 2 pricing:
            $550 - 35sq ft and under
Tier 3 pricing:
           $625 - 40-45sq ft
Teir 4 pricing:
          $700 - 50sq ft and up
($325 minimum for any job under 20 sq ft)
Price does NOT include any moderate to heavy damage that needs repaired before resurfacing. Tile

$8 per sq. ft. 

Price does NOT include any moderate to heavy damage that needs to be repaired prior to resurfacing – Price is for Multi-stone finish or solid colors – Minimum charge of $325.00 for any tile resurfacing job.

*Other limitations and restrictions my apply—Trip fees start at $45 and will be charged on all work done outside Knox County—Multiple jobs for same residence must be scheduled on the same day, otherwise customer will be charged regular pricing for additional jobs scheduled on different days - Promotional pricing will not apply if only one project is needing to be done - Vanity tops over 5ft will start at $215 - Any heavily damaged areas needing to be repaired could be subject to an additional fees, starting at $50 - Promotional prices will end June 30th 2016*

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